I think I’m onto something good…

Guys guess what… I’M BACK. And I’m here for good, I swear. My last post was June 2014???? Yep, a lot has gone down since then. The biggest thing? I had another baby!!! WHOA I can’t believe it’s been that long. The even crazier part?? That new baby is about to turn 1. Clearly, I’ve been away too long. But yes, my sweet baby boy Tripp Reid was born last February and has become such a bubbly and precious addition to our family. Tenley Jane (now almost 4!) is the SWEETEST big sister. Watching them together makes my heart melt into a puddle.

I’m on a new venture, guys. Starting next Monday, I’m officially kicking off my very first round ever of the 21 Day Fix. Has anyone reading this done it before? If so, please please give me your tips and pointers!

I’ve been working with a nutritionist the last several months and can tell you that I’m feeling better than I have in years already. My skin looks better than it ever has and I notice a total difference in my energy. I have a personal goal to incorporate vegetables into every single meal and its working wonders for me. I’ve kept up with working out consistently and am seeing some good changes in my body. BUT, it’s time to up the ante. It’s time to buckle the heck down on my nutrition cleaning it up with these final tweaks. Super charge my workouts. So, bring on this new challenge!

My intent is to blog my way through this. If nothing else, it adds a layer of accountability for me and it will give me something great to look back on. I cannot wait to re-read this 3 ½ weeks from now and be so grateful I put so much work into myself. As any mommy can relate, I put everything I have into my family. I dote on my husband and our two children and I’m happy to do so. In order to take the best care of them, though, I have got to take the very best care of myself. So, here we go!

And by the way… what have you been up to this last year and a half?


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