Monthly Archives: June 2014

For the sake of full accountability…

Alright, here I am. I’m taking charge of the fact that I have spiraled a bit out of control in the past several months. Last October, I was 8 pounds lighter than I am right now (still 12 pounds above my goal). I slipped heavily into a sugar binge starting with Halloween and haven’t regained control of my portions or diet since. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I have to take ownership of what’s going on before I can actually move forward. 

I’ve been working out, so I haven’t completely lost myself. However, I have more than eaten myself right out of my workouts by consuming far too many calories. My portion control is way off and I’ve been eating long after I’m satisfied. In fact, I continue eating long after I’m full. I talk myself into continuing eating after I’m full because “it’s so good” or “who knows when I will eat this again”…. Except, I always do! I need to stop. 

So, here I am starting out all over again. I’m not going to dwell on the past and instead, I’m really going to focus hard on each and every meal as they come up. I need to get this weight off in order to feel good about myself and confident again.

For that reason, I will get back into the practice of blogging my progress. Here we go 🙂 

What tips do you have to curb overeating?