Holy Hiatus!

Wow. It’s been 6 months since I’ve posted anything. I was horrified when I saw the date of my last post.

Quick catch up: We finally sold the house that we had tried to sell for 2 years (!!!), bought our dream home in a beautiful quiet town, and our daughter turns 2 in a month. That’s the big exciting stuff…. the less exciting stuff, though, is that since Halloween, I’ve been on a total sugar binge. I can’t stop myself!!

I’ve gained a little weight back, but amazingly enough haven’t gained a ton despite my very poor diet. I’ve switched from working out in the mornings to working out during my lunch break since I no longer live close enough to a gym work get their in the AM. BUT, I’m still working out… so I have to pat myself on the back in that regard. 

What I NEED to do is this…. I need to get back to a place where food = fuel. Where taking care of my body is my focus. Where I’m not slowly killing myself with all of the sugar and processed junk that I’ve been eating the last several months.

So where I begin? I’m pretty far off of the healthy path I was on when I last wrote. It’s amazing how much I could have diverted from that path in a few short months. BUT, each moment that I face is a new moment and a fresh start. 

As I take the last sip of the Shamrock Shake I decided to binge on today…. I’m focusing on the next moment ahead of me. An opportunity to turn this day (and moreso, this life!) around. What’s your advice? I’ll take all of the tips you’ve got…



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