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Top 5 Reasons I Work Out



There are a million reasons to exercise… obviously!! I could go on and on about the benefits of working out, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I want to give you the honest to goodness reasons why I’m totally dedicated to working out kicking my bootie in the gym!


  1. I’m a teeny bit competitive. Sure, I never really played competitive sports in high school (or really ever…. but does competitive all-star cheerleading count? 14 years under my belt, baby). I’m not really the athletic type. I totally stink at basketball, can’t serve a volleyball to save my life, and lack the hand eye coordination that is essential to softball. What I can do, however, is totally crush a HIIT workout and kill the compound exercises necessary to toning up. 
  2. It puts me in (and keeps me in) a good mood. Truly! I’m a naturally happy and optimistic person, but the endorphin’s keep my mind clear and my heart happy. For example, I tend to get some road rage (not gonna lie… I come by it honestly, though. You should see my dad drive down the freeway). I have been known to say some impolite words in the car while screaming at a totally unnecessary tone in my car at the person in front of me who refuses to get out of the left lane (not my proudest moments). With a solid workout in, though (I’m an AM work out girl), I’m far more even keeled for my morning commute and all day long for that matter.
  3. I can think so much clearer all day! It is not difficult to get totally distracted at work. Office chit chat… twitter…. the news (I’m a total new stalker. Proud of it.)…. checking the weather… looking at pictures of my beautiful daughter.. emails.. you name it! But when I have the adrenaline pumping after a solid gym sesh, I can focus well on the task at hand and be pretty super productive. 
  4. I enjoy my allotment of fun calories. I reallllly enjoy having a glass (a big glass) of wine at night after Tenley is in bed and the house is cleaned up. It’s my night cap and so relaxing. I truly enjoy the taste of a rich cabernet or a crisp pino grigio. Because I kind of refuse to give that up, I had better get my bootie moving at the gym! No long slow walks on the treadmill while reading magazines for this girl. I seriously crush it. 
  5. I’m just vain enough that I’m totally convinced that the other gym goers would absolutely notice my absence and judge the hell out of me for not going. It’s legitimately my only motivation to get out of bed at 4:45 to head to the gym some mornings. “What would that girl that is always on the elliptical think if I didn’t go today? She will laugh at me for not being there!”. Totally vain and likely not true at all, right?

There are millions of other reasons, but I’m pretty certain these would be the top 5. What about you? What keeps you going?


xoxo- M