If you do this at the gym, you’ll probably get on my nerves…

If you do this at the gym, you will probably get on my nerves. If I’m offending anyone, I apologize (…. sorry not sorry). I take my time at the gym very seriously. Especially at 4:30 in the morning!! I’m there to get my workout in and kick my own behind doing it. I want to leave there red faced and sweating. I realize this is not everyone’s goal, but please for the love of all goodness, refrain from doing the following:



1) People who are running (or even walking) on the treadmill and allowing their feet to constantly hit the plastic piece in the front. Sure, it happens once or twice… but for the people who continue doing it throughout their workout- Do you not hear it???? Do you not see me glaring at you?? You have some options here….

     a.) Speed the F up.

     b.) Slow down!

     c.) Just move back!!!! 


2.) People who insist on having inappropriately LOUD conversations. I am not here to socialize. I’m here to whip my booty into the best shape I can. I appreciate that you’re here and utilizing the buddy system. But, please oh please, talk at a reasonable level. I don’t care what you have to say and don’t want to be forced to hear what you’re saying over my already loud enough music playing directly into my ears (so as to not disturb YOU) via my ear buds.



3.) Similar to the one above… Excuse me, oh important one who is holier than thou and cannot bear to even imagine missing a phone call…. PLEASE remove your bluetooth from your ear!!! You’re not fooling anyone. Chances are pretty good that you’re not sealing a super huge business deal while panting for your life on the stairmaster today. If you’re trying to conduct anything work related while huffing and puffing away at the gym, you need a lesson in time management so you can get your work done during normal business hours or at least focus your attention on your work to the 23 hours in a day that you’re not at the gym.



4.) People who hold on for DEAR LIFE when they are on the cardio equipment. Hey half asser- let go and you’ll get a better workout!! I see this most frequently on the cross trainer where I have literally seen people holding up their entire body weight while swinging their legs that are barely touching the machine and actually THINK they are getting the right workout. Kudos to you for possibly building some arm strength, but you’re not getting the benefits you think you are out of your cardio sesh. Hate to break it to ya!



 And last but certainly not least…

5.) I get a HUGE kick out of the people that show up to the gym in all of the latest and greatest workout gear looking 100% the part of a tough and dedicated gym goer… and then they just stand there. Sit down. Pace back and forth for a minute playing with their phone. Sit down again. Walk on the treadmill for 10 mins and leave. News flash: you just wasted your money on a bunch of gym gear that you’re totally abusing by not using at all. 


Alright. Rant over. Who knows what I do at the gym that annoys other people, I’m sure there’s plenty. But this is my list of gym pet peeves… what are some of yours?!

Have a good day, lovies!



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