Kicking off the 2,000 lap challenge. Whoop whoop!

Today is officially New Years Day for my company and the beginning of a new fiscal year. Yay! Even more exciting? It’s the start of another year for the 2,000 lap challenge!

Quick background: My company has rolled out a Wellness Program that gives everyone an incentive to be healthy and make good choices! Throughout the year, we have opportunities to rack up points that essentially turn into healthcare savings- your rate is directly related to the level you achieve in the program (and for people like me who obtain benefits elsewhere – ie; hubby’s employer- we get a cash bonus equal to the amount we would have saved!). Pretty awesome, right?

So anyway, day 1 of the 2,000 lap challenge! I meet the goal every year and I cannot wait to do it again. It’s a great supplement to my already fierce workout regimen (Check it out here: and gets me up and moving during the day. 

There are also milestones throughout… 

1. At 100 laps, you get a shirt (not too exciting… but hey!)

2. At 500 laps, lunch with the president of the company

3. 1,000 laps, casual days and a total of $200 toward your gym membership fees (my fav part!)

4. 1,500 laps, casual days and $100 toward new sneakers (love this!)

5. 2,000 laps, casual days, t shirt and raffle prizes


For an idea of how much walking that is… 8 laps = 1 mile and thus 250 for the year.. totally realistic. Here’s to another amazing year of lapping it up at work! 


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