Bikini Series 2013… Let’s do it!

Ahhh today is the day!! My trainers are launching Bikini Series 2013 and I cannot wait. It’s my very first one! 


To prepare, I set my intentions yesterday. I sat down and mapped out my goals for the Bikini Series as well as clear cut motivations to keep me going. My goals need to be realistic for me but also crystal clear so that I can focus on the end result when things get tough (though, with the support of my Tone it Up Sisters, it’s so much easier to keep going!). 

So what are they?

My goal for the next 8 weeks is to stick to the assigned workouts. I’ve learned that when I try to reschedule things or shift the planned workouts around, I end up falling off the wagon. It’s so motivating knowing that thousands of amazing women are doing the same workout! It makes checking in even more fun! Also, no carbs after 3:00. This is a TIU girl staple, but I’m determined to stick to it for at least 5 of the 7 days each week (may sound lax, but trust me… I’ve been going for carbs more often than that lately). The biggest part of my goal is this… no snacking at night! I’m a late night snacking culprit. 

Now for my motivations… what better motivator than self confidence. When I’m losing weight and toning up, I’m the most confident! I feel the best and I feel good about my body and what I am accomplishing. Ultimately, I want to be at my wedding weight (5 years and 1 baby later) which I CAN accomplish in the next 8 weeks by losing 2 lbs per week. 

So there it is. This is my focus, motivation and goal for the Bikini Series 2013. 

What are yours?


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