Because I just can’t think of anything else…

This post isn’t going to be about my workouts or my healthy meals. It’s not going to be about the struggles of trying to lose weight. Instead, it’s a gentle reminder to be grateful for the life you live and all that you have in it. 

The horrific events at the Boston Marathon are so tragically fresh in my mind right now. I’m having a difficult time focusing on anything else. I don’t know anyone who ran the marathon. I do not personally know any of the victims. I do not claim to have any tie to the raw hurt and devastation. What I do have, though, is pure compassion for the people affected by this. Families were torn apart yesterday. People (children, even!) lost their lives or were critically injured. People have lost limbs. This isn’t a scene from war… this is a scene from what was intended to be a gathering of a global community in health and happiness. My heart is broken.

Amidst all of the horror and chaos, heroes evolved. They were everywhere helping the victims and doing their very best to keep anyone else from being injured. We are hearing stories of Bostonians offering their homes and clothing to the runners who were away from home and possibly separated from family. Runners themselves were stopping and helping victims. 

I am trying desperately to focus on the positive. I am an eternal optimist. Times like this challenge that, though. When there are people on this earth who can intentionally cause something like this, I truly worry about the world. Thinking of all of the families who woke up this morning to unspeakable tragedy is almost more than I can handle. I cannot imagine the way those families and victims are feeling today. 

Life is so much larger than we realize. Let’s take a moment to remember that and to remember that what matters most is the people we have in our lives. Cherish them.


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