No more excuses!! Do like Nike and just do it ;)

Good morning! Happy April Fool’s Day 🙂 I’m not one for pranks.. I always come up with lame jokes OR I try to pull a good one and then can’t keep a straight face. That said, I LOVE to hear some good stories about April Fools Day jokes others have played. Tell me your best story! Some people are so creative. 




So anyway… the fact that I have managed to miss my morning workout again today has me seriously reflecting. I’m realizing now more than ever that I am pretty good at making up excuses without even knowing I’m doing it. 

I can’t get up to workout, my nose is too stuffy.

I can’t get up to workout, I might wake up Tenley when I walk down the stairs.

I can’t get up to workout, I’m tired tonight and I’ll probably be too tired in the morning. I might as well just set my alarm clock for later.

I’ll just walk during lunch or do my workout at night (note: this NEVER happens for me). 

The possibilities for excuses here are endless and I manage to find and USE every single one of them.That’s it.




No. More. Excuses. NME. I have got to just get up and do it!! For as much time as I spend the entire day wishing I had worked out that morning, I could have had a killer workout in before work. I have worked out in the mornings for YEARS. I know the benefits. I know I feel amazing when I do it. I know the hard work pays off. More than anything, I KNOW that I never regret a workout. 

So, with that, this is my swift kick in my own behind. Hopefully I have given you a little booty kick as well. Push yourself a little harder in your workout today because of it. 



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