Shhhh…. Listen closely. What is your body telling you?

Shhhhhh.. Quiet your racing mind. Hush the inner voice that is trying to convince you of things you don’t really need. Just listen. Listen very closely, your body is trying to tell you something.



Naturally, we all spend so much time in a constant struggle with our selves. I just want a few potato chips. One diet soda won’t hurt. I’ll just skip the gym today. What we do not do, however, is just stop for a minute and listen. 

If you listen closely to what your body really needs and is telling you, you’ll see that it wants to feel vibrant and healthy. Your mind wants to be clear and optimistic. It wants to move! The silly things we talk ourselves into (ie; the few potato chips, the diet soda, etc) are so counter-intuitive to what our body actually wants and needs. We need to spend a little less time focusing on that silly voice and a little more time fueling our bodies for success and vibrancy.

Here’s my challenge to you today. Before you pick up what you are about to eat or before you skip your workout for no reason, just listen. You will hear what your body is trying to tell you. In doing that, you will make better and healthier decisions. 

You’ve got this! Right now, my body is asking me to hydrate.. I’m off to drink some water! Xo


Photo Credit: Janine Huldie


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