Hey world, let’s do this thing.


Well, here I am. Let’s do this!

I am a 30 year old mommy to a beautiful baby girl, Tenley. We just celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday and I can’t believe the first year has already passed. It’s bittersweet! Sweet because my baby is growing up and developing so quickly, it’s amazing watching her discover new things every day. However, it’s admittedly a little bitter because I can’t believe my little baby is a toddler already!

Anyway, I’ve always been a fairly petite girl… usually 5’2 and approximately 115-120 lbs. I’m happiest around 120 (in my adult life) and can tolerate getting to 125. That said, after having my 10 pound baby (yes, 10 pounds… 10.1 pounds of baby!!), I’m struggling to get back to that weight. I always thought I would be one of those women who could bounce right back after pregnancy… though, that’s a topic that could have an entire blog post of its own.

That wasn’t the case for me.

1 year later, I’m still 5 pounds above my pre-birth weight. I should note, I wasn’t even at my “happy weight” pre-pregnancy… so for the sake of total transparency, I’ll sheepishly admit to being 141.8 pounds right now. On my frame? Yikes. Never thought I would be here, especially a year after having Tenley.

So here begins my journey of blogging my way through these last 20 pounds that I intend to burn off. Thanks to Tone It Up and the amazing women in that community, I have already come a long way. Here’s to getting this baby weight off!

Where are you in your journey? Any words of advice?

Till next time… xo 😉



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